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Q. How to use coupons at a UNIQLO store.

When using coupons at our stores, please ensure to bring your device with the app in order to present the coupon at the cash register. Once you are ready to purchase, you can follow the below instructions to redeem your coupon while you are at the cash register. You will have 60 minutes to use your coupon, once it has been redeemed.
1. Click on “My Account” on the top left hand corner.
2. Click on the “Coupons” option.
3. Select the coupon you wish to use, and click “Redeem”.
4. A disclaimer will appear stating the activation period (60 minutes) and that it is a one-time use coupon. Click “Yes” if you are ready to make your purchase.
5. Once clicked, a stamp will appear on the coupon marking it as redeemed. It can now be presented to the cashier before a payment is made.
6. Please ensure you do not click “Back” until the cashier has verified that a coupon discount has been applied to your purchase.