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Q. Website Upgrade & Important Changes

As part of our commitment to provide a better online shopping experience, our system has been updated on 13th January 2021.  Please note, all customer will be required to complete a password reset to access your account on our new site. 

New Functions, Features & Changes

Introducing Click & Collect! 
Click the title for more details. 

Introducing Pay In Store 
Click the title for more details. 

Introducing Wish List 
Click the title for more details. 

Membership Account & Password Resetting 
-You will be required to reset your password after our system major upgrade.

- If you are having issues receiving the password reset email, we suggest you try to the following: 

  • Reset your password on an Alternative device
  • Check your Spam and Junk folder

Click the title for more details. As part of our global membership program, all customers will also need to have a registered membership account with us which will unlock our updated website features and functions. 

Coming soon search
We are excited to announce that you can now see products that will be coming soon! When navigating to Womens, Mens or Kids, you can click 'Coming Soon' on the right hand side. 

Order history
Previous online orders placed before 13th January 2021 will no longer reflect in your ‘Order history’ after the upgrade. However, the items you purchased will still show in your ‘Purchase history’ as this will reflect both your retail and online purchases.  You can also view your order details by viewing the order confirmation email that has been sent to your email when you placed the order. 

What is my Membership barcode?
Your membership ID barcode shows your personal membership number. You can use this barcode in a UNIQLO store to track purchases, receive coupons, and more. 
Note: Your membership barcode number and e-commerce account number may be different — don’t worry! You will still receive coupons, notifications, and more if your account is linked. 

Order cancellation/amendments

Although we are unable to make changes to your order details, you are now able to cancel your order within 30 minutes of placing it. Simply log in to your account and click 'CANCEL' - you can then place a new order with update details!  After 30 minutes you are unable to make any changes to your order. 

Order number format change
You may notice that we have made a change to our order numbers, from January 13th, our order numbers will now be 26 digits! 

Email format changes
You may notice that our order notifications email look a little bit different from January 13th, please do not be alarmed - if you have any questions about your order feel free to get in touch with our Customer Care Team! 


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