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Q. Email Verification and Account registration

Why didn't I receive the email verification email?
1) Ensure you have clicked the 'Send Verification Code' button to trigger the verification email to you inbox 

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2) We would recommend checking your Spam/ Junk mail for our system auto-reply email. If you are unable to find our email, it may due to your email settings blocking anonymous mailing address. Please set our system email address [] as your Safe Sender/ Safe Mailing List and try again.

3) We've been made aware that some Bigpond email accounts are not receiving the verification or password reset emails due to various email setting that are not within UNIQLO's control. We are attempting to remediate this issue and for the time being suggestion you use an alternative email domain to create your account if you are experiencing any issues. Please contact us if you require further assistance. 


Why did I receive an error trying to verify my account? 
Here are the possible reasons an error may occur:

1) You clicked [Send Verification Code] button for multiple times. 
2) You enter the verification code after 30 mins of receiving the email.
3) You are using Safari - If so, please try creating your account using Google Chrome instead as our website is optimised for use on this browser. 

Please start  the verification process again and enter the verification code within 30 mins upon receiving our system email.

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