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Q. Email Verification and Account Registration

Why didn't I receive the email verification email?
1) Ensure you have clicked the black 'Send Verification Code' button. 
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2) Check your email Inbox and Spam/Junk folders for an email from [noreply-enews@au-mail.uniqlo.com]. 
If you are still not receiving the email, please set our system email address above to your Safe Sender/Safe Mailing List and try again.

I got the email, but why did I receive an error trying to verify my account? 
1) Your details on the Create Account form may be invalid. Please check that your password meets our requirements: 8-20 letters, includes letters and numbers, symbols are optional and we only accept  - _ . @    
2) You clicked [Send Verification Code] button multiple times
3) You entered the verification code after 30 mins of receiving the email
4) You are using Safari - we would suggest using Google Chrome, as our website is optimized for this browser

If it is still not working, please start the verification process again on a different device and enter the verification code within 30 mins upon receiving our system email.

Still need help? 
Please feel free to contact our friendly Customer Care team or call us on 1800 864 756.

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