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Q. Online Alterations

Online Alterations
We are very excited to launch our new online alterations service for selected pants and jeans. Please be sure to have a full read of the FAQ’s below before placing your order. Please note, altered items can not be returned or exchanged.  

Which items can be altered?
Only selected pants can be altered. After selecting your size, colour and length, if you see the below Alteration option on the product page, you can select this product to have an online alteration to your desired length. If you don’t see this, unfortunately our alteration service is not available on the product.

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Due to material restrictions, we are unable to alter: 
Heattech, Leggings, active wear, flared pants, jumpsuits, shorts, loungewear, sweat pants. 

How will the alteration work: 
After obtaining your correct measurement and desired stitch type, follow the below steps to select an online alteration. (If the Alteration box does not appear, alterations will not be available for that product).

1. Select the Product colour, waist size & length of the item you want to alter.
2. Now select Stitch type from the drop down box (see below for more details).
3. Select your desired alteration length from the drop down. This will be the length you want your pants cut to (see below for more details).

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We will shorten your product to the length you have selected. Please allow 3 business days for your alteration to be completed and your order to be prepared for dispatch. 
**Note - this service does not include tapering.

Which Stitch do I choose and what is the cost?
The stitch types available will be shown on the product page, if you can’t find a certain stitch in the drop down, it means that it is not available for that product.

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Visible (Lock) Stitch: 

A standard method that uses single stitching on both the interior and exterior. Depending on the length hemmed, traces of removed stitching may remain. In addition, distressed items will lose the distressing on the part that is hemmed.

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Hidden (Blind) Stitch:

A blind stitch is nearly invisible stitching for a neat look. We recommend this stitch with dressy pants like the Smart Ankle Pants for a clean look.  Blind stitch can not be used on Jeans or thick materials, If this stitch is not available on the product page, a Blind stitch is not available.

How do I measure the length?
Before you select your alteration, be sure to know your exact measurements, as we are unable to accept returns or exchanges for altered products. 


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To find the right measurement, begin by measuring a pair of pants that you already have to get an idea of the inseam length you’d like to select for alterations.

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Please measure from the center of your inseam (crotch) to the length you want the pants altered to. For example, if you select 70cm from the dropdown menu, the inseam to the hem measurement will be cut off at 70cm long.

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After you note these measurements, please select your colour, waist size and length, and choose the type of  stitch type and length of the alteration you want for your bottoms.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Returns Policy for altered items? 

    Any altered garments cannot be accepted for a refund or exchange so please take care to measure the right length. Please find our full change of mind policy here
    If you have any concerns with how your item was altered or with your garment, please contact our friendly Customer Care team here for further assistance with your order details.

  • How do I remove the alteration from my item before I checkout - I have changed my mind?

    Simply navigate to your Shopping cart and use the 'X' to completely remove the item from your cart, you can then add the pants back to your cart without selecting an alteration. If you order has been placed already - please log in to your account within 30 minutes and cancel your order. 

  • What if there is an issue with the length or alteration?

    If you have any concern with your item and how it was altered please contact our friendly Customer Care team here for further assistance with your order details. 

  • I have had alterations completed at your store before, will my item be altered by your in-store teams? 

    No. Online alterations will be completed by our online team at our warehouse. If you wish to have your item altered in store, please visit the store directly to have your item altered. Please note, we can not send items to our stores to have them altered. 

  • Can I have my pants altered after they are delivered?

    If the alteration option wasn’t selected while placing your order you can still take your pants to your local UNIQLO store to have them altered however please ensure to have your invoice/proof of purchase with you and your item in its original condition. Please keep in mind that not all pants are eligible for alterations.

  • How long will it take for my items to be altered?

    Please allow an extra 3 business days for our team to complete your alteration. As soon as it has been completed and your order is on its way to you we will send your tracking details.

  • Can I send items to you to be altered?

    No. At this time our team can only complete alterations for items that have been ordered with the alteration details so please ensure to select and if applicable, pay for this service. We cannot accept any items at our online warehouse for alterations so please visit your local store for this service.

  • I am unable to measure myself. If the measurements are not suitable after I receive the item, can you change the alteration? 

    We suggest ensuring you have measured and know the exact measurement before selecting an alteration length. 

    We are unable to re-do an alteration through the online service. If you selected the incorrect measurement and a further shorten is required you can take your items to one of our UNIQLO stores to request a further alteration at a cost (see pricing table above for costs). Once an alteration is completed it can not be lengthened again. 

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